L’Innocente / The Ingenuous

L’Innocente / The Ingenuous

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Sarah, a young and ingenuous woman, meets Alicia. Beautiful, rich and powerful, Alicia will take Sarah under her wing and introducing her to a luxurious universe, where the pleasures of the flesh are unlimited.
Having just arrived at Alicia’s beautiful manor house, Sarah is overcome by the atmosphere of the place, and has a terribly erotic dream in which she joins three gorgeous and hot lesbians. At nightfall, Alicia draws her new ‘protegée’ into a very special kind of evening party: young bourgeois women are feverishly making love, and will finish by being taken up the arse by a man with an incredibly hard cock. On the edge of arousal, Sarah cannot back out now. Submissive and obeying her new mistress’ every command, Sarah will let herself be carried to the heights of pleasure by offering her welcoming orifices to virile, mysterious men during the course of a spectacular high society orgy. No taboo will be able to restrain Sarah in her quest for ever more intense orgasms.

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