The G-Team

The G-Team

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G-Team, The
Forget the A Team and meet the G Team as Fat Fred and G break out of jail and get up to some frisky fun with a very tasty 18+ French maid. Fred and G meet up with a sultry 18+ gangster’s moll. She’s collecting for charity and has the clothes off G’s back. Fat Fred and G get into a comical shootout and their suspect escapes. Fred interrogates the baddie’s sexy 18+ girlfriend. Comedy chase on two ride on mowers. Mister G is frightened to ride the mower.They crash the mowers*and girl comes to their rescue. The Showdown: The G-Team have tracked the murderer to ‘Club G’ and celebrate the closing of the case by enjoying some saucy shenanigans with a curvy 18+ hostess.

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