Sex In The Family 2

Sex In The Family 2

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Sex In The Family 2
Keep it in the family.

Graduation Gangbang – It’s graduation time and stepmom and stepdad promise the twins Johnny and Derek new cars it they graduate with 4.0 or above. But dad has extra surprises: he promises a “Man’s Party” with an experienced woman. “Someone who really knows how to fuck, not like those novice college girls,” he tells them. What they just didn’t know is…it’s their stepmom! Happy graduation boys!

Surprise You Tag-Teamed Your Aunt! – Sully hasn’t seen her brother Warren in years so she decides to surprise him. When she arrives, he isn’t home a and the boys say Warren’s “friends” and tell her to stay and wait for him to. Being a promiscuous slut she decides to have some fun and calls his friends in the bedroom. The boys are more than willing to tag team their dad’s slutty friend. What they don’t know is Sully isn’t exactly their dad’s friend… she’s their aunt!

I Banged My Boyfriend And My Brother – Kendra has been planning all week to spend quality time with her boyfriend Johnny today. Basically she’s really horny and can’t wait to fuck. They come back to her house to find her stepbrother Conor watching the basketball playoffs. He tells her there’s only five minutes left. Twenty minutes later she’s over it and starts blowing her boyfriend next to her stepbrother. When he asks WTF she’s doing, Kendra tells him to leave or drop his pants. Game on!

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