Teacher’s Pet 6

Teacher’s Pet 6

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Good Little Girls Always Please Their Teachers
Poor little Cindy. She just cannot seem to understand the fundamentals of French. And she really needs to pass this course. A girl will do anything to get what she wants and this little thing sure knows how to speak the universal language. And who said French was the language of love.

A substitute teacher really walks into this one when she is sent to teach a sex education class and the students tell her it is demonstration day. What in the hell is this teacher thinking? Oh, well, it’s just a movie. Or is it?

Holly has a real chip on her shoulder. This attitude case finds herself in the deans office for a little needed discipline. And he knows how to dish it out. He’s a hard man but a fair one. Like they say, spare the rod, spoil the slut. Well this little twat is going to get the fucking of her life.

Two swimmers are taught by their coach to focus as a team on a single goal. It takes teamwork to win championships. And in this instance the goal is for them to suck his cock and the victory is the sweet taste of cum on their lips. Go girls take one for the Gipper.

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